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New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats (Paperback)

New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats (Paperback)

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You want it for yourself--and that extends to your furry family members, to ensure a longer, happier and healthier quality of life. From the author who brought you THE FIRST-AID COMPANION FOR DOGS AND CATS, award-winning pet journalist and certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai presents this new large-format edition of her popular alternative and complementary medicine guide for pets, NEW CHOICES IN NATURAL HEALING FOR DOGS and CATS.

At your fingertips you'll find over 1,000 at-home remedies for your pet's problems.

Herbs * Acupressure * Massage * Homeopathy * Flower essences * Natural diets * Healing energy

This new edition is a vet-approved, authoritative guide to homeopathy, supplements, and hundreds of other new choices for keeping dogs and cats healthy!

  • Strengthen joints and repair cartilage with this all-natural enzyme 
  • Push the aspirin point for instant pain relief
  • Stop behavior problems like barking with a flower essence 
  • Herbs that fortify immunity and can help prevent cancer 
  • Eliminate swelling with this powerful nutrient 
  • A one-week plan to get rid of fleas-- without harmful chemicals 

 Discover for yourself how America's top holistic veterinarians treat their pets without using drugs...and how you can do it, too!

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