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Dare Or Die (Paperback)

Dare Or Die (Paperback)

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There are crosshairs on her wedding dress. To claim her happily ever after, she'll need canine reinforcement to stop a killer.

September Day won't let anything prevent her from walking down the aisle. Hiring more security instead of canceling the ceremony, she's horrified when the stalker makes good on their threat. And whisked away by a mysterious bodyguard, the distraught bride fears the only way to keep everyone safe is to fake her death.

Longing to return home, the frantic dog trainer relies on her German Shepherd Shadow to sniff out her strange savior's true motives. But September's PTSD escalates into full-blown panic after learning she holds the key to take down a sinister crime syndicate.

Can September and Shadow bury the past for good?

DARE OR DIE is the electrifying 7th book in the September & Shadow series. If you like spirited survivors, twisty secrets, and the healing power of pets, then you'll love Amy Shojai's hair-raising read.

Buy DARE OR DIE for a fatal stakeout today!

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