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Complete Puppy Care (Hardcover)

Complete Puppy Care (Hardcover)

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YOUR PUPPY BIBLE! The ideal dog gift book for puppy lovers!

A definitive guide for adopting puppies, puppy health care, pet first aid, dog behavior information and positive training how to advice from pet expert Amy Shojai. Packed with veterinary medicine facts, dog health and care how-to tips, and fascinating information and advice.

The perfect holiday puppy gift for dog lovers! Learn about:

  • Choosing puppies
  • Puppy training and potty training
  • Dog language
  • Dog breeds versus rescue dogs
  • Solving puppy behavior problems
  • Puppy food
  • Puppy grooming how-to tips
  • Lure training and clicker training
  • Introduce puppies to dogs, cats, babies and kids
  • Latest veterinary medicine recommendations
  • How to recognizing common health issues, and what to do
  • First aid and home remedies that save you money--and your puppy's life!
  • More than two-dozen SQUEE! cute puppy pictures
  • Canine legends, myths
  • Weird and Wacky answers to why puppies drink from the toilet, why dogs act guilty, reasons dogs hump your leg, and more!
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