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A Comfort Breeze: A Drama-dy In Three Acts (Paperback)

A Comfort Breeze: A Drama-dy In Three Acts (Paperback)

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In a shabby West Texas hotel in the summer of 1993, Joetta meets Audie, the baby she gave up for adoption 27 years ago. Life has not been kind to Joetta, but she's relieved to see Audie's obvious success. Far from being grateful, Audie's cold resentment puzzles and then angers Joetta, and she's disappointed their reunion is anything but rainbows and hugs she hoped.

The two women verbally dance around the reality of each other's lives during one long sweltering afternoon of drinks, off-color stories, resentment and tears. The mix of hilarious-to-heart-wrenching dialogue shakes them both to their core--a script for two very strong actors to turn in a tour-de-force performance that will leave audiences on their feet.


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