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Door-Buster Audiobook Thriller $123 Off Deal!

Door-Buster Audiobook Thriller $123 Off Deal!

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7 September & Shadow Audiobook Thrillers for a Ridiculou$ Price because: 

  • I love these stories and want to share my furry passion
  • Everybody deserves a vaca from reality
  • I plan to write MORE BOOKS and *digging toe in dirt* want to hook you on my characters!

LOST AND FOUND, Book #1: (FREE!) She doesn’t trust people. But can she team up with a service dog to save a missing child and catch a murderer?

HIDE AND SEEK, Book #2: A ruthless stalker. A lethal epidemic. Can a wounded woman prevent the past from destroying her future and killing those she loves? Almost $17 off! 

SHOW AND TELL, Book #3: An animal behaviorist and her service dog race a deadly storm to expose treacherous secrets others will kill to protect. Almost $17 off! 

FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Book #4: A dog trainer with special abilities. A dead body with hidden secrets. Solving the case will take more than animal instincts. Almost $17 off! 

HIT AND RUN, Book #5: A message from the grave. An assassin on her tail. Sniffing out the truth could get them all killed. Almost $17 off!  

WIN OR LOSE. Book #6: A kidnapped girl. A merciless killer. Can this stressed-out dog trainer stop a callous murderer claiming innocent lives? Almost $17 off!

DARE OR DIE. Book #7: There are crosshairs on her wedding dress. To claim her happily ever after, she'll need canine reinforcement to stop a killer. Almost $17 off!

How Does This Work?

Yes, you can get ALL these books on Amazon, B&N, and other platforms for full price--but this discount only applies here in my direct sales store. You can purchase using a variety of methods--click your preferred payment button or for CREDIT CARD ORDERS click the "Continue To Payment" button. 

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